What Travel Insurance Is All About

In more than 25 years of international travel, I have never purchased special trip insurance and, so far, I've never needed any. Though I would have to say many people still manage to travel without any insurance.

There are already many happenings concerning insurance that travel agencies can vouch for. An American met an accident after visiting one country and because they did not have adequate medical care, he had to be flown back home. One person in this case may need to spend thousands of dollars.

There are many insurance policies in the market today and one of which would take into account medical evacuation and the cost you incur when a nurse or doctor comes with you during the transfer. However, the most important insurance programs that travelers should at least consider fall into two basic categories, medical assistance and trip cancellation cover.

In case you meet an accident, contract an illness or need medical evacuation when you travel, medical assistance insurance will be cover you. The company that provided you with you insurance will also help you get the medical assistance you need through a hotline which you can call. Terminating your trip or moving it to another date will warrant airline companies to charge you extra for it at which you can use your Trip cancellation insurance to cover the expenses.

Say you already have a trip planned but you then just days before you meet an accidents or your loved one does forcing you to let go of your trip. The extra fees you will be incurring will be covered, either all or part of it, by this type of insurance. There are many ways one can avail of travel insurance and these are either through your travel agent or insurance companies.

Make sure you are familiar with how the insurance policy you are getting will help you. Do research beforehand on travel insurance policies so you will know which to get during your trip. Apart for these two basic insurance policies there are other kinds that will also provide extensive coverage.

One travel insurance agency offers a full range of medical assistance services plus optional trip cancellation or interruption insurance. Purchasing this insurance policy will ensure the coverage worth $10,000 in emergency medical coverage for an individual and $20,000 for a family including parents and dependent children. The coverage you will get for medical evacuation is unlimited. A 9 to 15 day trip will cover medical assistance worth $49 for an individual and $97 for a family.

Other companies would offer clients coverage worth $100,000 including a hotline they can call. This will only cost around $3 for one person a day or $15 for 45 days. One nonprofit organization supplies travelers with a list of various English speaking doctors that have been trained in many parts of the world who can help in case of emergencies. Vital information on immunizations, malaria prevention and weather and climate conditions will also be provided to the tourist. The organization hands out the directory and packets for free though they would gladly appreciate any donations.