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Sneaking Booze on Cruise - An Easy Way Out With Camo Caps   by Cameroon George

in Business    (submitted 2011-02-22)

In the present scenario drinking is considered to be a status symbol. High society or the middle class people, both take pride in getting drunk. No family celebration or any kind of social gathering may it be marriages or birthdays alcohol has an integral part of it. This liquor addiction is increasing day by day.

If you are planning to spend a weekend, hanging on a cruise seems to be the best vacation option. Last minute deals are quite easy on a cruise. Cruising can be a great and can sometimes simply gets out of your budget and the probably the one cause could be the excessive liquor consumption on cruise.

The cost of the ticket includes nourishment charges but alcohol is what you wont be allowed to take on some cruises. The cruise has a strict policy against bringing your own alcohol on the cruise. The cruise alcohol is so costly that might empty your pockets. So no question of getting drunk in any way on your own. This thing might affect your enjoyment plans as high cost alcohol will spoil your mood.

But as it is said rules are meant to be broken. You can sneak liquor on the cruise smartly and enjoy with your own alcohol on the cruise and save the heavy surcharges. Even if you are caught there is no big deal in it. No authority is there that can fine or punish you. They can just take it from you and return in the end.

The first thing to be kept in mind to sneak liquor on the cruise is that don't keep the alcohol bottles in your luggage bags because they pass through the x-ray machines and the machines can catch the alcohol or the vine bottles as they have definite shape. So don't make this mistake. Moreover don't keep it in your hand bags as they are most likely to be hand searched and it would be caught by the security.

Don't use a shampoo or any other scented bottle or container because the smell wont go. So the empty toiletry cans are the best option. Big empty water bottles also work out really well. Fill the bottles with vodka and make them look as sealed ones. Only the camo caps can make this possible. They are very simple to use. Just empty the water bottles and refill with a clear beverage and screw it with a camo cap and its all done. No security can make out that the bottle was unsealed one. These caps are easily available in the market at your hand. The camo caps are available for some specific quantity bottles but can work out very well with most of the bottles with white caps. Sneaking booze on a Cruise is quite easy with these camo caps.

The other option is to hide it around your chest. If you are not wearing anything metallic you wont be caught. These tricks can help you in saving the money paid for the cruise alcohol.