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Egypt Honeymoon Tours - Discounted Cruises - Things you Ought To know   by Laura Lanier

in Travel    (submitted 2012-01-04)

What's the same thing did eleven million individuals globally do in 2004? They took a cruise. Naturally, a few extremely rich individuals didn't take a cruise technically but they utilized their yachts and spent days in opulence in the midst of the ocean. But for people like you and me, we need to be content with a cruise package offered by various travel agencies. If you believe cruising is for old people or your parents, then you are wrong, my friend.

Before you hurry up and purchase your discounted cruise tickets advertised in the Internet or one of those travel magazines, you should be conscious of the reality.

Cruise prices are increasing yearly. Rooms are filling up extremely quick. Therefore, bargains may not usually be available. However, bargain prices can be found just before or after the holidays, or in shoulder seasons. Shoulder seasons vary from region to region, for example September for Alaskan cruises.

Get ready for some unexpected problems in a deep discounted cruise ship. However, hey, do not forget that you also saved a bundle by buying a discounted trip.

Engine problems are extremely common and some port of calls might be cancelled due to engine problems. If a port of call is cancelled, you may have little recourse for a partial refund simply because your discounted ticket may have small prints that say that the cruise line can change their itinerates at their discretion.

Imagine a large number of people in close proximity in a cruise ship. What do you expect? Well, how about viruses? Yes, a cruise ship is an idle breeding ground for all those unpleasant viruses. Check the CDC (center for Disease Control) website for worldwide virus outbreak. But that shouldn't lower your cruise going spirit.

Just stay healthy, exercise, wash your hands often with disinfecting soap and you'll be good.

Do not pay a premium for airfare purchased through the cruise lines even if they guarantee you that they will hold the ship if your flight is delayed. Shop for your own airfare and the connections you choose. A lot of the time, you will be ahead of the game and you do not need to fly red eye or use lousy connections.

If the cruise line is guaranteeing an all-inclusive fare, attempt to understand their language. They are saying, hey, we'll cover your food, non-alcoholic drinks, and entertainment. You are on your own if you would like to get intoxicated. But that ought to be fine simply because there is not much opportunity to spend a fortune in a discounted cruise ship.

Don't fall for the gourmet food hype. Know that it is a buffet style food, plenty, good but certainly not gourmet. There might be alternative restaurants besides the buffet style food. Occasionally, you have to pay in those restaurants. So be ready for that.

When the ship arrives at a port of call, either you can purchase their excursion tour or explore on your own. These excursion tours are money maker for cruise lines. If you want to buy travel insurance, shop at and try to steer clear of the insurance offered by the cruise line.

Don't get disappointed, if you come across beer and pretzels, instead of, champagne and caviar. Enjoy your cruise and be pleased that you are not spending a lot of money for your vacation.