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Cruises on the Nile   by Sumit

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Cruises on the Nile are very attractive for tourists coming to Egypt. Extending along the banks of the Nile is the majority of all the famous monuments of ancient civilization. Nile cruise Vacations, the main route that starts from the city of Luxor - the unique magnificent museum is located in the open air to Aswan - the southernmost city of Egypt during pharaonic times. Nile cruise Excursions in the program includes visiting the main sights of Upper Egypt; the court consists of temples in Esna, Edfu and Kom Ombo. A trip to the Nile cruise aboard the ships (which became, reaching five-star hotels on the Nile with a very comfortable cabins, bars, discos, restaurants, bars, shops, walking the decks, equipped with swimming pools). Cruise on the Nile will become for you an excellent option when visiting the great Pyramids and Sphinx in Cairo or the beautiful relaxing on one of the resorts located on the Red Sea coast.

Nile cruise Vacations are considered one of the most interesting excursions in Egypt. People look at the country entirely, on the other hand, appreciating the beauty of the river. The first of these cruises have mastered the aristocracy of England, who are the true connoisseurs of the old country. Most of the tour takes place on ships, some of them look like these floating palaces, in which - cozy cabins, recreational decks, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shops. During the travel of tourists brought to the most interesting historical sites, including Karnak temple, Valley of the Queens, factory of stone, Aswan Dam, the Museum of papyrus, and many other attractions. Their visit is combined with relaxation on the beach and all sorts of entertainment on board.

Ancient Egyptians called the Nile, the mother of all things. This river, in the literal sense of the word has been and remains a source of Egyptian life: in a narrow valley lived almost the whole population. Along the banks of the Nile is located, and many of the most famous monuments of ancient civilization. What could be more fun than to make a fascinating Nile cruise Vacations sail from its very origins, visit the ancient temples of Abu - Simbel: Great Temple, the Pharaoh Ramses II, and Small, his wife, Nefertari, were cut into the rock in the XIII century BC.Along the banks of the Nile cruise trips are the most famous monuments of ancient civilization of Egypt. In this magnificent tour awaits you rich excursion program on the most important and beautiful places in Egypt. And an interesting entertainment program on a floating five-star hotel and Nile cruise trips will make your trip a memorable and unique.