Cruise Ports of Call That Are Close To Home Are What Cruise Passengers Want Now

Cruise ports of call from close to home are what cruise passengers are choosing on a more frequent basis. It has been a steadily increasing trend according to CLIA, the cruise lines official organization. Cruise ports of call close to home gives the cruise passenger many more choices and eliminates the hassle of heightened airport security.

Cruise lines have caught on to this trend of cruise passengers using cruise ports of call close to home and are positioning their ships up and down the East Coast, the West Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. This allows cruise passengers the option of traveling to their cruise port of call by car, train or bus. It will also save you some money since you will not be buying expensive airline tickets. With the money saved on airline tickets it allows the cruise traveler the choice of picking a pricier cabin, a more luxurious cruise line, or more cash to spend at their destinations.

Following are description of the various cruise ports of call that are now offered to the cruise passenger on the East Coast. We will start in Florida since that is by far the most popular port of embarkation for the cruise traveler.

Miami is the busiest of all ports on the Eastern Seaboard. Miami is a world class attraction offering incredible beaches, the Art Deco section of Miami Beach, a widely diverse culture and marvelous food. Having left this port on numerous occasions, it is one of the most efficiently run ports.

Next is Fort Lauderdale which many cruise travelers choose as a departure port. It has miles of beautiful beaches, the trendy Los Olas district, and many chic restaurants. On Saturdays and Sundays there can be more that eight cruise ships departing Port Everglades. If you have time before your cruise adventure, go out to the Everglades and take an airboat tour over this spectacular nature preserve.

Up the coast is Port Canaveral. It is called the Space Coast and has many attractions including all of Orlando's theme parks. If you can, visit the fascinating Space center along with the Astronaut Hall of Fame. This port does not have as many cruise lines as the previous ports but it is a viable option for people all over Florida and adjacent states who wish to take a Port of Canaveral cruise.

Further north is the Port of Jacksonville. They only offer one cruise ship but is very convenient for anyone living in that area. They have a very mild climate so all sports are available. There is also Gardens and the Crummer Museum.

Across the state of Florida is the Port of Tampa. There are many attractions here, too, including Ybor City, the cigar capital of the world, Busch Gardens and towards the center of the state Cypress Gardens. Having revamped its terminal to the tune of $6.5 million dollars it has more than doubled its size. The Port of Tampa cruises are centrally located on the West coast of Florida

Let's keep going up the East Coast to Charleston, South Carolina. There are two cruise lines in the Port of Charleston that take cruise passengers to Bermuda or the Caribbean. Nothing can beat the Southern charm and flavor of the city of Charleston located conveniently close to tour for you, prior to your Port of Charleston cruise. Tour the beautiful streets and estates like Boone Hall or Magnolia plantation. If you have time go out to Fort Sumter National Monument for an interesting tour of a Civil War memorial.

In the fall of 2006 the port in Norfolk, Virginia will offer several cruise lines for the cruise traveler to choose from. Norfolk is loaded with all things to do with the Navy. If you take a stroll down Cannonball Trail, you willview in depth the history of Norfolk's history. The cruise lines offer the cruise passenger itineraries to Bermuda, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Now, further north to Baltimore, Maryland's Inner Harbor. They have a dedicated cruise terminal for any cruise passenger that lives around this area. The beauty of the Chesapeake Bay is renowned, and some of the most delicious seafood can be found in this port. Don't miss the aquarium with over 10,000 sharks, stingrays, dolphins and tropical fish.

Just up the road is the Philadelphia Port for cruise travelers. Currently there are two cruise lines offering cruise passengers trips to Bermuda. Philadelphia is where the Constitution was signed so don't miss Independence Hall and, of course, the Liberty Bell. South Street has lots of funky shops and cafes. There is the 9th street market which is always very colorful. And don't leave on your cruise until you have had a cheese steak and an Italian hoagie.

We are still going north, this time to Bayonne, New Jersey to Bayonne Cape Liberty Cruise Port. This is the newest cruise terminal and is good choice if you do not want the hassle of New York. Bayonne used to be the home of oil refineries but now it is the place for Port of Bayonne cruises. There is only one cruise line departing from this port but in a way that is a good thing, since there will be less congestion. And it is only 7 miles from New York and three miles from Newark. You will see stunning views of Lady Liberty and the Manhattan skyline.